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Galapagos Climate Update

  • The islands are arriving to the peak months of the Dry Season. Few plants remain green, although some have lost their leaves as their adaptation to dry climates (i.e: palo santo trees). It is with months like August, where the magic of Galápagos is clearly witnessed as people visit the world's tropical driest place. Certainly, the only tropical place where a penguin thrives in volcanic rocks.
  • Right along December and January, the transition months are the islands best weather. Not too hot, although there is a gentle breeze that keeps air temperature extremely comfortable. Average (max) air temperature: 28ºC (83ºF). Average (min) air temperature: 22ºC (72ºF). Humidity: 72%. Average sea temperature: 24ºC/75ºF (could be few degrees cooler in the west).
  • Very high levels of animal activity and encounters with species in their reproduction periods (albatrosses, pelicans, boobies, etc). These are the wildlife encounters most guests see in tv documentaries, magazines, etc.
  • Clear and refreshing evenings up on deck. For stargazing evenings we recommend a light jacket, long sleeve shirts, etc.
  • Navigations are pleasant, and with little rolling of waves. Less than 10% of guests may experience seasickness.
  • Sudden changes in animal behaviour. Naturalists will notice these from week to week, and will mention them as a great tool for environmental interpretation.

What is it that makes Galápagos Islands so amazing during September? Being this month the peak of the Dry Season, a lot of unusual features are seen within the islands' environment.
For example, who would expect a barren and desert-like habitat in the middle of the tropics, or who would expect animals not found in other tropical places thriving so well amidst volcanic islands? For those that take the plunge and see the underwater wonders of the Marine Reserve (largest one in America), you will be surrounded by tropical and subtropical species of fish, sea lions and penguins...where else on Earth can you encounter this?
While on land, September offers our guests unique events such as the pupping season for sea lions, blue-footed boobies with chicks in their nests, albatrosses with juveniles, migrant birds from northern latitudes, and due to the presence of cool waters the highest chances of encountering cetaceans (dolphins and whales).
The dry weather makes walking on the islands quite pleasant, as temperatures reach levels no higher than 24°C-26°C (75°F-79°F). Water temperature averages at 20°C (68°F) and if you want to feel more comfortable in the water (and of course, stay longer) we recommend that you bring with you a shortie wet suit. Days tend to start cloudy, but the thin layer of clouds usually dissipates by mid morning as the heat of the sun burns off such low moisture clouds.
Wind is common through this month, and seas are moderately strong (windbreaker, long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts will make you feel comfortable). September is a wonderful month to be in Galápagos. Nature enthusiasts, wildlife connoisseurs, photographers, families, and all will experience the most amazing tropical desert, no matter how bizarre this oxymoron sounds. Historically, September is also the time we commemorate Charles Darwin's visit aboard the H.M.S Beagle, which dates back to 1835. In September you will surely leave Galápagos more than satisfied.


  • Pupping of sea lions continue.
  • Sea lions are sexually active on the eastern part of the archipelago.
  • Breeding season for the brown noddies
  • Some species of jellyfish can be seen around the islands. The genus Physalia is commonly seen floating around Gardner and Tortuga Islets. Some can also be seen stranded at the shores of the Flour Beach at Floreana.
  • Band-rumped storm petrels begin their second nesting period
  • Seas are calm. South east trade winds have decreased strength. Water temperatures are slowly rising.
  • Generally great weather due to transition between one season and the next one
  • Good visibility for snorkelers
  • Sea lion pups (specially at Champion Islet) play aqua-aerobics next to snorkelers. Most pups here are curious enough to nibble at fins of snorkelers. The average age of most pups is 3-4 months.
  • Hatching of giant tortoise's eggs begins and lasts until April
  • Green sea turtles display their mating behavior
  • The rainy season begins, all of the plants of the dry zone produce leaves. Galapagos becomes "green"
  • The first young waved albatrosses fledge
  • Great weather. Mostly sunny days. Hardly any wind from the south east. Waters continue to warm up.
  • Western islands remain very dry. Water temperature still cool for long snorkeling periods.
  • First red pouches of Great frigatebirds seen at Genovesa.
Overall natural events :
  • Peak of the dry (garúa) season
  • The air temperature reaches its lowest levels at night (19°C-66°F)
  • Galapagos Penguins show remarkable activity on Bartolomé. Swimmers and snorkelers will be delighted with penguins active at the surface or torpedo-like while underwater.
  • Sea lions are very active. Females have reached estrus stage, and so harem-gathering males are constantly barking and fighting. Shore fighting is heavy. Western and central islands are the most active ones in terms of sea lions' activities.
  • Most species of sea birds remain quite active at their nesting sites. Common encounters with dolphins and whales.

Nesois Edge Image Displey
Average Monthly Temperature
Min. Temp.
Max. Temp.
Sea Temp.
Months ° C ° F ° C ° F ° C ° F
January 22.5 72.5 28 82.5 24.5 76
February 23 73.5 29.5 85 25.5 78
March 23.5 74.5 30.5 87 25.5 78
April 23.5 74.5 29 84 25.5 78
May 22 71.5 27.5 81.5 24.5 76
June 21.5 70.5 26 79 23.5 74.5
July 20.5 69 25 77 23 73.5
August 19.5 67 24 75 22 71.5
September 19 66 24 75 22 71.5
October 20 68 24.5 76 22.5 72.5
November 21 70 25.5 78 23 73.5
December 21.5 70.5 26.5 79.5 24 75


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December 18-21

Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights

December - Upon Request




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